Monday, January 17, 2011

Author Highlight: TheHeartOfLife

Last Thursday I had the great pleasure of interviewing TheHeartofLife, author of The Long Way Home and A Player to be Named Later. I had previously reviewed her story, TLWH, on the My Precious Fandom blog, having fallen in love with it the minute I began to read. Her writing technique is sophisticated and flowing, sucking you into the story.

So, Buff and I asked her if we could have an interview, get into her mind a little. We had a great time talking, discussing her stories and our opinions of the Twilight series. I found that she's a real sweetheart and very easy to talk to.

Here is a peek at our interview:

katbug86.ff: First off, thank you for talking to us.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Of course! Thanks so much for interviewing me.

katbug86.ff: I loved reading The Long Way Home

theheartoflifeisgood1: Aww, thank you! I miss writing it.

katbug86.ff: When I first began reading, I honestly thought it was a Bella story, right up until the end of chapter one.

buff82.ff :)

theheartoflifeisgood1: You're probably not the only one, to be honest. :)

katbug86.ff: I was so surprised by how attached I became to Rosalie's character after the first chapter that I had to keep reading.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I actually think not calling out the pairing helped me in that respect. People went in not knowing exactly what to expect.

katbug86.ff: That was exactly what drew me in, so you were right. What made you decide to write a Rosalie story?

theheartoflifeisgood1: And I'm sure there was drop-off when people realized it wasn't an ExB story, but I think there were some that latched on.

katbug86.ff: I believe I mentioned it in my reviews, but yours is the only non-Bella story I've read.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I get that a lot! Regarding why I wrote Rosalie... I wrote a short canon piece of her and Edward for the first round of The Twilight 25 and actually, the one-shot I did, The Corner Of Your Heart, was supposed to be a short piece for TT25 as well. But when I heard about the Indies' First Time Writer's Challenge, I decided to save the story for that. I was brand-new to the fandom in terms of writing (I'd been reading fic for about six months) , so I thought the contest would be a good way for me to get my feet wet, so to speak. I'm not sure what it was, but there was something about Rosalie's story in Corner that made me want to explore it further. I had a lot of encouragement to continue it from my friends and especially from hmonster4.

katbug86.ff: You did a terrific job

theheartoflifeisgood1: Thank you! I was really blown away by the response to Corner. Especially since it was a non-canon pairing, and a non-canon pairing that I think is really polarizing to readers.

katbug86.ff: I can understand that, being a non-canon writer, myself.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Right! It's definitely a niche market, so to speak. But I also found that the readers who seek out secondary characters and non-canon pairings tend to be really passionate, which is great.

katbug86.ff: I think it was nice getting into Rosalie's head, but while you still made her the tough girl we know her to be, you also showed another side of her. Did you have the story planned out from the beginning? I mean, did you always plan for her to end up with Emmett?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I definitely tried to show her complexities. She's a lot more multi-faceted than a lot of people give her credit for. I had a general outline from the beginning. And, yes, I planned for her to end up with Emmett.

katbug86.ff: I have to say, through the first half of the story, a good part of me was hoping for Edward and her to get together - something I would never typically want.

theheartoflifeisgood1: The story definitely took its own path as I continued writing, though. The general plot was what I imagined and planned for, but some of the specific scenes and sub-plots popped up as I was writing.

katbug86.ff: Like Emmet and Bella's private conversations?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I heard that a lot! I had some readers that were legitimately devastated when Edward ended up marrying Bella. :) Yeah, that was one of the things that kind of cropped up once I got a few chapters in. In the series, I saw Emmett and Bella's relationship as having that easy closeness that I tried to show in TLWH. I saw her as a kind of natural shoulder to lean on for him.

katbug86.ff: I think that's exactly how it came across. Do you plan to write any outtakes or anything for TLWH?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I've actually written a few outtakes that I've just never published.

katbug86.ff: oh?

theheartoflifeisgood1: And someone bought an outtake for Fandom Gives Back, so eventually something will be published. We're still deciding on what the outtake will go over. :)

katbug86.ff: I have a feeling I'll be on the look out eventually then.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I love and hate outtakes. I almost don't want to post one because I feel like I left it in the exact place I wanted to. But at the same time, I think it's nice for people to get a glimpse into the story from another person's perspective or point of view, or to see moments that were alluded to but not talked about extensively in the actual story.

katbug86.ff: Not to go all fan-girl here, but I'd love to see Emmett's take on Rose's absence since he obviously had feelings for her while knowing she had feelings for someone else.

theheartoflifeisgood1: That would be really fun for me to write, actually. I mean, I know how Emmett felt on a general level, but being able to get into his brain (well, my brain in a different way) would be really different. Sometimes I think I know where I'm going with something - a thought, a plot line, whatever - and the character goes in a completely different direction. Which sounds totally crazy.

katbug86.ff: not at all, I definitely won't argue with you on exploring Emmett's mind!

theheartoflifeisgood1: Ha! I have snippets of things from his point of view. I have snippets of things from Bella's, too. Sometimes I wrote little drabbles to get myself in the right frame of mind when I was writing the actual story.

katbug86.ff: But I get it, I've written before where you start out a chapter with a general idea, and then by the end you wonder where you went astray. I think it makes for a better writing experience. Now, are you working on something new?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I'm working on a novella with hmonster4 right now for Fandom Gives Back. It's going to be 13 chapters long and we've just posted chapter 7, so we're about halfway through the process. It's a lot of fun collaborating with someone else, getting to bounce ideas off of each other and respond to what the other person is writing.

katbug86.ff: I saw from your profile that it's another Rosalie/Emmett story?

theheartoflifeisgood1: It is!

katbug86.ff: Can you tell me a little about it?

theheartoflifeisgood1: Definitely. I'm writing from Rosalie's perspective (in third person) and hmonster4 is writing from Emmett's. We wrote another story called Down & Across this summer where we did the same thing.

katbug86.ff: oh, yes, I saw that one, and I have plans to read it soon

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's fluffy and a super-quick read. We wrote it for AccioBourbon and it was a blast. :)

katbug86.ff: Do you have a beta?

theheartoflifeisgood1: Yes, when I'm not collaborating with hmonster, she's my beta. She is pretty much what keeps me sane during the process. :)

katbug86.ff: I can understand that as well. Buff is my beta, and she's pretty awesome at keeping me sane.

buff82.ff: or making her crazy, meh, either way. What drew you into the Twilight series?

katbug86.ff: baha, I was typing that same question

buff82.ff: I know *evil grin*

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh, and LightStarDusting betas our collabs. She pre-read for me through the entire TLWH process. I had such a supportive group of friends behind me for it.

theheartoflifeisgood1: haha! you guys have brainmeld, too. :)  i think that's a writer-beta thing

katbug86.ff: quite often, yes

buff82.ff: yes def.

katbug86.ff: I'm her beta too

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's such an intense process, isn't it? If I don't talk to hmonster every day, I get weird and twitchy.

buff82.ff: lol, yeah you become rather dependent, in a good way

katbug86.ff: mm, yes. I went on vacation this summer w/o internet, and I think I had Buff withdrawls

theheartoflifeisgood1: You do! It's so weird.  Oh, so what drew me to the series... I work with a ton of women

buff82.ff: It's either Rum or Kat, I have to have one of the two in a day

theheartoflifeisgood1: LOL. I love that. My poison is vodka, so I get it. ;) as evidenced by my drunk tweets last weekend...

katbug86.ff: oh gosh, I have no say in drunk tweets after New Years. Probably bc I like to mix Rum and Vodka

theheartoflifeisgood1: Ouch!

buff82.ff: ok, so back to the questions #ADD

theheartoflifeisgood1: LOL, yes, keep me on task

buff82.ff: You were saying you work wth a bunch of lady folk

theheartoflifeisgood1: I am easily distracted. Yes, I do!

katbug86.ff: yes, lots of women, that you work with ...

theheartoflifeisgood1: All women

buff82.ff: you sound like Kat ;)

katbug86.ff: me? easily distracted? No...

buff82.ff: shush

theheartoflifeisgood1: So, I think it was two years ago now when I overheard my co-workers talking about this vampire series.

theheartoflifeisgood1: And one of my co-workers was like, "you HAVE to read this." I resisted for the longest time because I really had no desire to read about vampires. Not my genre.

katbug86.ff: interesting

theheartoflifeisgood1: Anyway, they finally wore me down and I went and got Twilight.

katbug86.ff: So you read the books first?

theheartoflifeisgood1: And then I devoured it in a matter of twenty-four hours.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh yeah, this was before the movie came out

katbug86.ff: ah, ok

buff82.ff: And that was the day you were re-born?

theheartoflifeisgood1: it was after the movie had been cast, so I knew about Robert Pattinson and stuff.

buff82.ff: into this crazy crazy world

theheartoflifeisgood1: DUDE. It was like the craziest thing. I literally stood outside of Borders the next morning, waiting for it to open so I could get New Moon and Eclipse. I mean, I didn't even recognize myself.

buff82.ff:  lmao. I didn't sleep for three days

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's seriously a sickness

buff82.ff: hardly spoke to my hubs and kids

buff82.ff: yes

katbug86.ff: I didn't leave the house for a week when I read the books

theheartoflifeisgood1: My co-workers and I had round-table discussions. They totally rubbed it in my face.

katbug86.ff: are they the ones who introduced you to fanfic?

theheartoflifeisgood1: No no. I don't even know if they know what it is. They definitely don't know I write it!

katbug86.ff: haha

buff82.ff: You were looking for sex weren't you?

katbug86.ff: so how did you stumble into the crazy world that is fanfic?

katbug86.ff: oh my ... just jump into the questions

theheartoflifeisgood1: Well, I didn't even know what fanfic was before Twilight.

buff82.ff: I mean between Edward and Bella that is ;)

theheartoflifeisgood1: And yes, by Eclipse I was like, "when are they going to do it?! JESUS."

katbug86.ff: I think we all were wondering the same thing.

theheartoflifeisgood1: So, I think I discovered fanfic through ONTD_Twatlight.

buff82.ff: What was the first fanfic you read?

katbug86.ff: I've never heard of that

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's a community that was Twilight-centric, but very tongue-in-cheek.

katbug86.ff: more importantly, what Team are you on ...? haha.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Well, Team Emmett first and foremost. ;) If we're talking about Twi guys.

katbug86.ff: ah, I was going to guess that ...

theheartoflifeisgood1: But Edward versus Jacob? Edward.

buff82.ff: BAHAHAHA

theheartoflifeisgood1: and I was totally an Edward girl while I read the series

katbug86.ff: Buff is happy

buff82.ff: :D :D

theheartoflifeisgood1: By Eclipse, I hated Jacob. I thought he was a douchebag.

buff82.ff: I like you, you're smart

katbug86.ff: *covers ears*

theheartoflifeisgood1: I thought Bella was a douchebag too, though, to be fair.

buff82.ff: YES

katbug86.ff: agreed

theheartoflifeisgood1: Edward was the one that pissed me off the least.

katbug86.ff: I had the opposite opinion of that ... I felt he was a control freak

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh, he totally is. I mean, cutting her brakes so she couldn't go anywhere? Yikes.

katbug86.ff: That one upset me

buff82.ff: yeah, that was a bit much

katbug86.ff: that's when I began to resent reading about him.

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's funny, I can hardly remember what's canon and fic anymore. I'm struggling to remember what exactly happened.

katbug86.ff: you aren't alone

buff82.ff: I know, we talk about that all the time

katbug86.ff: Buff and I often comment that we can't keep it all straight anymore

theheartoflifeisgood1: Right, like fanfic is canon nowadays.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I have a feeling if I went back and read the books, I'd not even recognize the characters.

buff82.ff: I told Kat I can't fathom writing another AU story b/c I can't remember what's canon anymore

theheartoflifeisgood1: Right!

katbug86.ff: What are your thoughts/opinions on Breaking Dawn?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I hated it.

buff82.ff: Jacob loves babies

katbug86.ff: ew

theheartoflifeisgood1: I was like, who are these characters? What did Edward do with his balls?

katbug86.ff: Jacob loves uteruses, not babies.

buff82.ff: lol

katbug86.ff: lmao

theheartoflifeisgood1: The baby thing threw me for a loop. I had to put the book down when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. I actually had to put the book down when they named her Renesmee.

katbug86.ff: I pretend she doesn't exist. In fact, I often forget she does.

buff82.ff: So how would you have fnished out the series?

theheartoflifeisgood1: Well, you know. The thing that bothered me most about Breaking Dawn was that she really didn't sacrifice anything. And the whole series was about Edward telling her, "think about everything you'll have to sacrifice to be with me, think carefully about this decision, are you sure, are you sure?"

buff82.ff: Bella got everythingshe wanted plus a baby

katbug86.ff: The whole book played out a bit too PG. Everything she wanted, no sacrifices, no real battle ...

theheartoflifeisgood1: and then at the end of the day, she gets a child, she gets to see Charlie after she's turned and maintain some sort of relationship with him, she's absolved of her guilt over Jacob, and she's the perfect vampire.

buff82.ff: not very realistic ... oh, wait...

theheartoflifeisgood1: And the battle scene at the end was super weak.

buff82.ff: OH GOSH. I have no clue how they're gonna do that in the movie

theheartoflifeisgood1: I mean, I anticipated death. I was prepared for it.

buff82.ff: yes, it was the ultimate in anticlimactic

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's going to look like some sort of campfire! Let's sit down and talk about our feelings and roast marshmallows over Irina's ashes while we're at it.

buff82.ff: lol

theheartoflifeisgood1: It really, really was. It took me a good few hours to absorb what I'd read. And I was like, am I the only one who feels this way? Did I read it wrong or something?

katbug86.ff: I've never heard it described that way, but you have a point.

theheartoflifeisgood1: But obviously once I went back to the interwebs, I saw that I wasn't alone.

buff82.ff: The problem was SM wrapped it up with an awkward yet pretty bow

theheartoflifeisgood1: Exactly. And that's what I have an issue with, whether it's in a book or in fic.

buff82.ff:  for someone who was willing to rip Bella's heart out in NM she really dropped the ball in the end

katbug86.ff: yes, I bawled through NM

theheartoflifeisgood1: She did. And I think she ended it how SHE wanted to end it, not in the way that was best for the series or for the characters.

buff82.ff: yes I agree

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh, I had friends who skipped the entire part with Jacob.

buff82.ff: in BD?

katbug86.ff: tsk tsk

theheartoflifeisgood1: No, in New Moon. I was like, you're missing entire plot points.

katbug86.ff: That was my fav part.

buff82.ff: yeah.

theheartoflifeisgood1: But that's how passionate people are about Edward, I guess, you know?

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's funny to see how that translates over into fic.

buff82.ff: I will admit I flew through it when I first read the series but the second time I read...

katbug86.ff: Am I the only Jacob lover here?


theheartoflifeisgood1: I think you have more patience for it the second time because you know where she ends up.

katbug86.ff: I know!! You;ll are hating!

theheartoflifeisgood1: I don't hate Jacob, but I don't like how SMeyer portrayed him.

buff82.ff: the second time I read I kind of felt bad for Jacob, and did end up liking him a bit more *it's on record Buff, I'm never letting you live this down ... you LIKE Jacob, bahaha**   Well, Kat, I requested this be stricken from the record.. and .. er.. contest that I ever actually said it, you typed it after the fact. Yeah, that's it.

theheartoflifeisgood1: He had moments of goodness. And, to be fair, he was young. Young kids in love are punks. But he was a major punk.

buff82.ff: yes

katbug86.ff: If you haven't noticed - Buff is the Edward lover, and I was the Jacob lover (now Switz)

theheartoflifeisgood1: You guys are yin and yang!

buff82.ff: God, I wish I were Edward's lover

katbug86.ff: ok, then ...

theheartoflifeisgood1: LOL, you and 99% of this fandom. ;)

katbug86.ff: cold shower?

buff82.ff:  um, yes, sorry

buff82.ff: So, are there any stories you're currently fangirling over yourself?

theheartoflifeisgood1: Hmm, good question. I'm reading very little these days, which is horrible.

theheartoflifeisgood1: hold on, I'm brainstorming quickly :)

katbug86.ff: oh?

theheartoflifeisgood1: There's a story I'm pre-reading for that I'm totally in love with. It's two chapters in so far, but I'm privy to its direction and I can't wait to read more

katbug86.ff: That's always a privilege. Who's the author?

theheartoflifeisgood1: It's called Something Blue - Emmett and Rosalie, told from Em's POV throughout and I just love him.

theheartoflifeisgood1: fngrdust, which is a collab between fngrcufs and lightstardusting

katbug86.ff: oh fun

katbug86.ff: collabs are nice bc you get to read the balance between two authors

theheartoflifeisgood1: There's another story called Inconceivable that I love, by AccioBourbon. Also EmxRo. Accio's writing is exquisite and the story is beautiful.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Yes, they work so well together. The story is fabulous so far.

buff82.ff: If you could be any one character in the Twilight books (canon character)who would it be and why?

katbug86.ff: ooo, good question

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh, that IS a good question.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I think I'd be Emmett, to be honest.

katbug86.ff: He's probably the best character in the book imo.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I couldn't agree more. :)

katbug86.ff: Happy, carefree, adorable, doesn't get all emotional like everyone else.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Right. The thing I think people don't always realize about Emmett is that he actually is a complex character.

katbug86.ff: I've noticed that he's stereotyped often as an oaf

theheartoflifeisgood1: Yes, which is so untrue. I think he and Rosalie got the shaft when it came to being stereotyped in the series.

katbug86.ff: I agree

theheartoflifeisgood1: They were both seen through the eyes of unreliable narrators, so the reader glommed onto what Bella and, by extension, Edward thought of them

buff82.ff:  well, just knowing Rose's backstory makes her so much more than she appears

theheartoflifeisgood1: Exactly! Hearing her story in Eclipse totally changed my perception of her.I think SMeyer could have made her a much more sympathetic character, but she only skimmed the surface.

katbug86.ff: I don't like reading stories where she is portrayed as superficial.

katbug86.ff: same with Leah, I don't like her being made as the bitchy, bitter girl

theheartoflifeisgood1: I don't either. I mean, she can be tough or bitchy or whatever, but she needs to be more than that too.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh, I hate what SMeyer did to Leah. And I hate when she's a bitter harpy in fic, too.

buff82.ff: I really thought she would end up with Jake for awhile

katbug86.ff: better than the half-breed

buff82: yes

theheartoflifeisgood1: WhatsMyNomDePlume actually described Rosalie perfectly once - she called her a coconut. She's tough/hard on the outside and soft on the inside. I totally see her like that. Her attitude/coldness is a shield to protect just anyone from seeing how vulnerable she is. She has to trust them before they see that inner layer.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I really wanted Leah to end up with Jake. I was pissed that that didn't happen because I thought SMeyer alluded to it pretty heavily.

katbug86.ff: I think that is the best description I've ever heard.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Right?! Nomya is a genius. :)

katbug86.ff: sounds like it :)

theheartoflifeisgood1: And it's so true. I think Rosalie and Emmett have such a beautiful relationship, and that's one of the reasons.

buff82.ff: If you could give any advice to someone contemplating putting themselves out there by writing and publishing fiction what would it be?

theheartoflifeisgood1: In a fanfic capacity?

katbug86.ff: yes

buff82.ff: yes

theheartoflifeisgood1: I'd say first and foremost to have a really strong support system behind you.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Hmonster was with me from the very beginning and really mentored me through this process. I trusted her implicitly to tell me what worked and what didn't with my writing.

katbug86.ff: Have you ever considering writing a pairing other than R/Em? If so, which pairing? And do you mainly read R/Em pairings when you do read?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I also think it's important to really just put yourself out there. Just go for it. I was so nervous to post my writing, but I've gotten amazing feedback and have really grown so much in my confidence from being able to share my work.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh, I am totally open to writing other pairings. I'll read anything, write anything. I'm an open book. I think Rosalie, at this point, is my comfort zone. I understand her character and how she ticks, which makes her my go-to.

katbug86.ff: having a comfort zone is not a bad thing.

buff82.ff: Do you have any RL friends or family who are aware of your fanfic writing?

theheartoflifeisgood1: But I do read everything.

theheartoflifeisgood1: My husband is aware of it. And I was totally outed by my mom and grandma to my entire extended family.Thanks, Grandma. None of my friends know about it, though. I wouldn't even know how to broach the subject and I'm sure they'd never let me live it down.

buff82.ff: what draws you into a story? when reading

theheartoflifeisgood1: Realistic characters and storylines. I like fics where the character grows from beginning to end

katbug86.ff: I can agree with that

buff82.ff: Does it turn you off when there are grammar errors?

theheartoflifeisgood1: And I'm kind of a sucker for angst, so that will draw me in. I don't want it to be contrived, though.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Very much so. I get super distracted by them. No matter how good the story is, if it's riddled with mistakes I can't read it. It just pulls me out of the story.

katbug86.ff: hehe, you're thinking of my ocd, aren't you Buff?

buff82.ff:  LMAO

buff82.ff: I was just trying to figure out a nice way to say it

theheartoflifeisgood1: I have to tell you, I self-edit while I'm writing.

theheartoflifeisgood1: So I'll write a paragraph and then go back and check for grammatical errors, etc.

katbug86.ff: I edit Buff's tweets, that's how sad I am.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I probably read each chapter of TLWH like, nine times before I posted.

buff82.ff: yes she does

theheartoflifeisgood1: LOL

theheartoflifeisgood1: I do that to people, but only in my head.

katbug86.ff: I should probably keep it to myself, but oh well

buff82.ff: I would suggest not reading my stuff then. I am grammar-illiterate. ;)

theheartoflifeisgood1: you're doing pretty well! everyone messes up in gchat, even me. :)

buff82.ff: baha i was referring to my fanfic, but I am typo mess here for sure ;)

theheartoflifeisgood1: HA

katbug86.ff: I won't ask you to spell minute.

buff82: shut up Kat

theheartoflifeisgood1: lol, we all have our tics

buff82.ff: Are there any other fandoms you are passionate about, like Harry Potter ... Lord of the Rings ... Tragdor...

theheartoflifeisgood1: You know, this has been my first and only fandom. I love the HP series, but never got into fanfic for it.

buff82: and I give bonus points to the person who gets the Tragdor ref.

katbug86.ff: I didn't

theheartoflifeisgood1: LOL, I didn't either


katbug86.ff: Have you read an actual book since discovering fanfic?

theheartoflifeisgood1: Oh god, yes. I have to pull myself out of fandom sometimes and rejuvenate. And I've found that I get a lot of inspiration for my writing from things that have nothing to do with fandom or fanfic.

katbug86.ff: Music is my inspiration

theheartoflifeisgood1: I've always been a voracious reader, so I juggle multiple books at a time.

theheartoflifeisgood1: Music is a HUGE part of my writing process. Like, huge. Actually, music is a huge part of my living process.

katbug86.ff: lol. I have an obsession. What's life w/o music?

theheartoflifeisgood1: Exactly. :)

buff82.ff: silence

katbug86.ff: smartass

theheartoflifeisgood1: haha

buff82: oh, I meant that, but thanks ;)

theheartoflifeisgood1: LOL. touche

buff82.ff: What are your thoughts on reviewing?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I never asked for reviews when I was writing TLWH, but I appreciate them like crazy. It's always validating to hear that what you're writing is resonating with people or that you've touched some emotion in some way.

buff82.ff: I agree

theheartoflifeisgood1: The reason I don't read much is because I leave the most insane reviews - like, super long, I quote passages - so it takes me a really long time to get through a story. I think it's an important part of the whole writer/reader process, but I don't think it's "owed" by any means. Well, I feel like you form a connection with readers who do review regularly.

katbug86.ff: I think that makes you the perfect reviewer.

theheartoflifeisgood1: I totally lucked out with my reviewers. I was looking back at my reviews for TLWH today and just the thought that people put into them is mind-blowing. I remember during one of the more climactic chapters, I got so many reviews where people said they cried and I was like, "...holy shit." Like, I never would have expected people to get as emotionally involved as they did. That was stunning to me, in the best way.

katbug86.ff: Do you think you'll write another story on your own?

theheartoflifeisgood1: I know that I'll always write. Whether I do it here or just for my own pleasure? I'm not sure yet. I've got a few half-written things that I'm playing around with, though.

katbug86.ff: I'm sure it'll be amazing either way

theheartoflifeisgood1: Thank you! I love this process, even when I hate it, if that makes sense.

katbug86.ff: perfect sense

theheartoflifeisgood1: The payoff is so rewarding, seeing people enjoying what you write. I'd never even shown anyone my writing before I joined this fandom, so this has been a crazy amazing experience.

katbug86.ff: Well, it's been great getting to know you better!

buff82.ff: Thank you so much for your time!! This was fun

theheartoflifeisgood1: yes, thank you! So great to meet you, Buff :)

katbug86.ff: yes!

theheartoflifeisgood1: thanks for staying up so late! Sorry I'm west coast slacker

katbug86.ff: oh, I'm a night person, so no big deal here

theheartoflifeisgood1: oh, good. I'll shake off my guilt then!

theheartoflifeisgood1: nice talking to you both!

buff82.ff: have a good night!

theheartoflifeisgood1: you too :)  bye!

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  1. Loved reading this interview with Heart! And YAY, Homestarrunner! ;)

  2. What an awesome interview :) Heart is such a treasure!