Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brotherly Devotion by goldentemptress


When you play with fire you're gonna get burned. Bella's marriage has gone stale, and she soon finds herself tied up in a web of deceit involving her young brother-in-law Edward. Adultery is never as easy as it seems.... BPOV, Rated M

Brotherly Devotion


I cannot begin to describe my love for this story, it's beyond words. Ever read a story so hot, you didn't think it could get any better? Well Goldentemptress knows just how to drive you insane with the perfect amount of angst and sex. Bella's married to Emmett, but things aren't quite the same anymore, and she's now found herself in the hands of her much younger brother-in-law.

 "Bella," he whispered as he pulled on my hand and turned to face me. The way he said my name was intoxicating. I had heard it everyday of my life, but when he said it, it sent shock waves through my entire body. His deep velvety voice was coaxing hidden desires out of me.

He reached over to cup my cheek with his large hand and when my brown eyes met his deep green ones, I couldn't help the involuntary shudder that swept down my spine as I took in the beauty of the man before me. I had met him when he was an awkward teenager, but now he was anything but. He was a tall, lean, strong man who seemed to be able to see to the very depths of my soul. His hair was tousled more than normal and I could tell that it was because he had been running his hands through it like he always did when he was nervous.

"Edward, I….." I breathed out as he continued to look lustfully into my eyes, the coarse pad of his thumb sweeping across my cheekbone.

A long pale finger came up to my lips to silence me and before I could try to move it away, it was replaced with two warm, full, insistent lips. I moaned at the contact and instinctively parted my lips as they moved with his, increasing the fire coursing through my veins. His strong arms encircled my waist and pulled me flush against him, our bodies pressed up against each other as if they were one.

It's a whole new take on the not so typical Bella/Edward relationship. Know that this is rated M and is not meant for readers under 18.

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  1. Love this story, too! anyone have any news when goldentemptress plans to resume? Her author site at said she would resume story??? miss this one, BAD!!