Sunday, July 11, 2010

Almost Doesn't Count by Mrs.Robward


Bella is a family attorney & Edward seeks her help. Friendship abounds, maybe more? AH, Rated M b/c they are adults & will do adult things! Canon Couples **Complete** A story of loss, life, and love; the HEA kind.


This story, told entirely in Bella's POV, is what I call sweet. There's no drama like we find in other fics or drawn out angst. It's simply about the journey of Bella and Edward's friendship and eventually their relationship, how each of them heals the other, and both learn to open their hearts and love. It's not an easy battle, there are times of joy and times of tears. But, in the end, we realize that some loves are those that stand the test of times.

In the beginning we find Bella with a passion for her job, but passionless when it comes to finding a relationship. She's been heartbroken before, her trust in love shattered, and perhaps a bit closed off from the opposite sex. On the other hand, she's in love with what she does-- helping others adopt children, finding them that perfect home. Her dedication to doing what she does best-- her job-- is heartwarming to read.

I think this quote from Esme best sums up how we depict Bella's personality in the story: "There are people who are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful thorns have roses. So tell me lovely Isabella, which type of person are you?"

Then we have Edward, who is far more than what meets the eye. In high school Bella only saw him as Mr. Popular or another womanizing pretty face, but we know that he's so much more. His love for his son (yes, his son, because even before it's official that's what he is) shows in everything that he does.

"That's Ethan. I'm hoping to adopt him. I need your help Bella. He means more to me than the world." He swallowed hard and tears were brimming in his eyes. "I can't lose him. I just can't."

Aside from the tender moments throughout the story and, yes, even a few tissue alerts, there are also several moments of laughter. Mrs.Robward has an uncanny ability to use more witty analogies in one story than I've ever read before and each one is funnier than the last.

Our kisses never slowed. I felt his hands inching down to laze over my ass. I pulled my hips away from the wall and into him so he could get a better grip. This caused me to feel him even more! The joke 'is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me', drifted through my mind and caused me to smirk.

But whether Bella and Edward are playing the role of lawyer and client, merely friends, or the loving couple of all time, their story is one you can't miss out on.

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades: EPOV of ADC

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