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Fade Into You by RCD-Alice


A different kind of message in a bottle. More like a letter in a Starbucks comfy cushion. Is it fate? ExB AU/AH Canon. Slight OOC M to be safe *wink*


I stumbled upon this glorious fic by accident in my twitter feed. The link led me to a trailer made for the story, which left me speechless and stunned. I HAD to read right then and there. (Trailer link below)

It starts off with a simple letter from Bella, one left behind for someone to find if they may. You can call it a cry for help, fate, or whatever you like, but the instant connection brought about from those simple words written and then found by Edward leave both their lives entirely changed.

Here are a couple excerpts from Bella's first letter:

Dear…Whoever happens upon this,

I don't know who you are, and I assume I never will. Actually I sort of hope we never meet as I'm about to whine away on this piece of lined paper for you to see.
You likely have already stopped reading, but I just feel the need to tell somebody, anybody really, the things that eat away at me day after day. Perhaps that will satisfy my overactive brain for a few minutes so I can at least get a few minutes of much needed sleep...
I am your average, plain, boring twenty two year old college student, who has yet to go on a date, or even kiss a boy. I don't blame it all on my inability to initiate things. That would be the coward's way out. The rest of that blame goes to the fact that I am simply uninteresting, and I assume unattractive, as I've never had the words 'you're pretty' uttered to me.
That's right. Never once.
I'd like to find love someday. I want to find that spark, that magnetic pull that suspends time and gravity. I do. It just doesn't seem to be in my cards...

Sincerely, Me

Bella has found a new friend in Edward, a caring, selfless, and utterly devoted stranger. But Edward has found the woman who has captured his heart, all before ever even meeting her. My heart aches for them both. Edward as he hopes to help this lost soul and Bella as she struggles to find herself in the world.
Edward's first letter in return:

Dear Noticed by Someone,

I don't know you, but id like to. Your letter made me laugh a little bit and cry a little bit, and generally just left me wanting to know more...
It pains me to know that you feel like you have no one to turn to, and would be too shy to even if you did. Id never make you feel embarrassed about it, I hope you know that right now...
I'd like to find that magnetic pull as well, so you aren't alone in evading that aspect of life. Id love to settle down one day. Have a family, a yard, maybe even a dog (Id let you tell him your secrets too if ya want). So here we are. I'm a twenty four year old book store owner who also hasn't found love. Maybe its kismet...

Sincerely, Edward

The letters are the best parts, always making me smile when I know I'm about to read another. Each word written moves me, speaks to me, and I'm sure it will do the same to you. Even in only eight chapters I'm undeniably hooked, craving the newest update.

Fade Into You Trailer

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